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Daryl Fontenot

Daryl Fontenot and Bill Eckert
This Spotlight now shines brightly on local businessman and civic leader Daryl Fontenot.

Conversation with Daryl Fontenot, CFP

Bill and Daryl met at The Britton-Fuller Center for Intact Homeless Families on the agency’s campus.

Bill – I have to admit that I know little about investing, let alone wealth management. What led you into the financial services industry?Daryl – There is really a two-part answer to that question. First, I was always good at math, and was fascinated by the stock market from an early age. I remember being interested in how businesses represented themselves through their offerings on the stock markets and how that was presented through the numbers that changed from day to day. Secondly, I pursued a business track in college, obtaining my BA in Finance from UT, and then an MBA from UH-Clear Lake.

Bill – So, you went right into financial advising?

Daryl – No, I tell people that financial advising is a great second career. For a number of reasons, I believe that the best wealth managers are those who have a prior history of working in industry, understanding good management practices, and working with individuals to solve problems and achieve success. It was only after being involved in the engineering industry, and learning these concepts did I feel ready to tackle the challenges I now work with every day for my clients’ best interest.

Bill – There’s a lot of discussion about investment counseling nowadays, can you talk about how you go about working with your clients?

Daryl – Sure, working with people’s life savings is a real responsibility. To help put them more at ease I gained the CFP designation, and let clients know that I am a fiduciary. As a fiduciary, I am required to put my clients’ needs ahead of any personal or business needs. Also, I work closely with each client to develop a planning-based approach to managing their wealth.

Bill – Daryl, you have been closely associated with BAHS, serving on our Finance Committee, since before I came aboard in 2011. Why do you feel it’s important for you to support us in that fashion?

Daryl – First, I believe in the agency’s mission, helping those in need at a very low point in their lives. Also, I think it’s important to contribute in the area where your talent is. I’d like to think my contribution of time and talent help keep BAHS on a sound financial footing.

Bill – I know that’s true and I thank you for your efforts on our behalf. However, I also know that you’re involved in a wide range of community efforts, Lee College Board of Regents, Rotary Club of Baytown and the United Way of Greater Baytown and Chambers County just to name a few. Why are you so committed to community service?

Daryl – From early on my family instilled in me the concept that from whom much is given, much is expected. And also I believe in what Muhammad Ali once said when he was asked a similar question: “Community service is the rent we pay for our room in heaven”.

Bill – One more question before we finish up. Given your years of service to BAHS, what has been the highlight for you?

Daryl – Seeing this Britton-Fuller Center through from planning, through funding, to completion and being fully-housed, serving six families at a time.

Bill – This is a great facility serving a significant need. And, I might add a beautiful addition, and significant investment in West Baytown’s revitalization. We appreciate your efforts in making this building a reality.