Perry W. and Lou F. Britton Family Center

The Britton -Fuller Family Center Program provides comprehensive transitional-type housing services to intact homeless families, specifically designed to return these families to self-sufficiency and more permanent housing in the shortest possible time. The facility can accommodate up to six (6) families, usually composed of no more than five (5) individuals each.

Each family is afforded its own private living space, complete with bedding for each household member, a private bath area, linen closet, clothing closet and desk area. Each room is equipped with an easy chair for moms to relax with an infant.

All clients must be currently homeless, pre – screened, drug/alcohol free, willing to work or seek work, birth certificates for all children, taking all prescribed medications and willing to follow BFC procedures. The Britton -Fuller Center is a drug and alcohol free property without exception. All clients receive a rules packet, which explains that the community shelter is a place of safety for all residents and forbids any form of verbal or physical abuse or intimidation. There is a daily 8:00 p.m. mandatory curfew. Failure to follow established rules, or falsification of information regarding eligibility in order to gain entry into the program, will result in immediate exit of the family from the program. In contrast to emergency services, the BAHS program model provides clients with the opportunity to remain for a period of 60 days in order to take full advantage of a robust array of casework services.

In addition to intensive case management, the center provides three meals daily for all clients, financial literacy classes, supportive services and referrals to local employment, educational and housing resources. Every family is screened to insure that they are financially eligible, homeless and physically able to participate in an employment -based program. Each adult client participates in the development of a comprehensive services plan designed to meet their individual goals and needs; all children are enrolled in local schools at the appropriate grade level. Collaboration with area nonprofit and educational programs provide each client with opportunities to assess a wide range of needs and remove barriers to employment and housing.

Note: There may be a waiting list due to the fact that the Britton-Fuller Family Center is the only family housing available for intact families within eastern Harris County, Chambers and Liberty County. Eligibility screening is done 24/7/365 by calling the shelter office 281-837-1654.


The Story of Our Room Names

There are six client rooms, each with its own special name. These are Gratitude, Respect, Acceptance (pictured), Courage, Excellence and Serenity. Each room features a hand-painted affirmation directly related to that room name.  These affirmations signify the strength each room hopes to impart on each client who occupies the particular room. However, when taken all together, the first letters of each room name spell GRACES, which we hope will be bestowed on all of our intact homeless families.