Outcome vs Impact

When dealing with grantors, the subject of “outcomes” often comes up. People want to know how many? how much? In other words, what is “the bang for the buck” for the dollars that are donated by one group to another. Indeed these are important questions because every nonprofit worth its salt should be able to explain where money goes once it is donated by a generous benefactor.

But an often overlooked question is the one about the “impact” of the donation. Perhaps fewer people were helped than were anticipated, but what was the real impact of the nonprofit on those people who were affected by the nonprofit’s efforts? As a homeless shelter we do care about the numbers of clients we serve, the number of bednights we provide and the number of meals we serve. However, with the dedication of the new Britton-Fuller Center for intact homeless families, we are seeing real “impact” as client families enter, become stabilized, learn pre and post employment skills, become employed and exit to permanent housing situations of their own choosing.

Lessons learned at BAHS will last a lifetime, and have a significant impact that goes well beyond mere numbers of nights and meals. We hope you agree, and will continue to support our innovative programs.