Whether you have only a few hours, or can manage a longer term commitment, BAHS has a need for your volunteer support. Whether you have a particular skill-set to provide, or not quite sure what you can do to help, BAHS has a need for your volunteer support. Whether you feel the need to serve for personal fulfillment, or need to coordinate an activity for your group’s social services requirement, BAHS has a need for your  volunteer support. In short, regardless of your reasons or circumstances, BAHS has a need for, and truly values, your volunteer support!!



We always are in need of volunteers to assist with daily administrative duties.  Typical tasks include basic telephone duties, greeting clients and guests, completing donations forms, filing correspondence, and  assisting staff in documenting and maintaining the donated food supplies. Most administrative staff “down-time” is spent in the kitchen storeroom insuring that supplies are up-to-date and ready for use or distribution. *

Donations Assistants

Bay Area Homeless Services is currently fortunate to receive an abundance of donated materials. Volunteers are needed to sort  and document the receipt of donated  clothing and household items. Donations Assistants also maintain the ready supply of donated personal care products and the agency’s maintenance products and supplies. *


With two buildings built in 1930, another in 2000, and about 300 persons annually using the facilities, we have a true need for volunteers to assist with routine maintenance projects. If you are handy, we need your help! *

Also, we’ve noticed that our lawn grows 24/7/365 and requires mowing and edging on a regular basis. This is an excellent service project for youth groups who can volunteer on a monthly basis. Call the shelter office to pick a month!

Social Media Assistants

Bay Area Homeless Services is very active on social media as a way to inform our community about the great work we accomplish on behalf of our clients.  In order to keep the content fresh, and develop a strong local relationship with our many stakeholders we always need volunteers to attend events on our behalf, take and post pictures and drive supporters to our Twitter feed, web page, and Facebook account.

We also need a special person who is interested in completely revamping our Facebook page. Call the Executive Director: 281-420-6728 to begin that discussion.

Special Projects-Groups

We get calls on a regular basis from church groups, social clubs, service organizations, youth and educational groups wanting to develop a project for their  members. We always have a list of “opportunities” available for you. Whether you are handy with a paint brush, want to organize our linen closets or storage sheds, host a holiday event, or attend one of our monthly birthday parties for our clients we want to help you meet your needs. Some recent special events include: makeovers for the women; a monthly  Saturday breakfast for all clients; holiday decoration and gift-wrapping party……..the ideas are endless and our clients truly appreciate everything done for them

Pro-Bono Services

If you have a special professional skill you would like to share with us, please give Marianne a call. We have volunteers providing legal services, mock interviews, financial literacy training, first aid/CPR training and some staff development.


Perhaps one of the best win-win relationships we can provide is to assist with the development of  additional internship/externship opportunities.  Students of all levels often have a need to develop their skills and must work with clients such as we have at Bay Area Homeless Services in order to fulfill their educational  or credentialing requirements.  It all begins with a phone call to our office.


*This is an excellent opportunity for individuals to meet mandated community service requirements under our supervision.


For All Volunteer Opportunities Please call our shelter office: 281-837-1654 and ask for our Program Manager, Marianne Jackson, MS.  Alternatively, contact her at

pmbahs@gmail.com, or, use the “Contact Us” form on this website. We’d love to here from you…



Shown at left (L-R) Board Member Sara Serrano, Volunteer of the Year Karen Mudd (7 years service), Executive Director Bill Eckert, Volunteer of the Year Pastor Tyrone Franklin (8 years Service)