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 Men’s Shelter Foundation Repairs Complete

After a year long, two phase project,  the foundation of the men’s shelter has been replaced. This enables the shelter to ensure that the building  will remain viable for at least another five years, housing at least 12 men at a time as they seek work in the Greater Baytown area. This was a very expensive project for our shelter, totaling more than $20,000 over the two phases.  Executive Director Bill Eckert explained that the repairs were unplanned and therefore not included in the normal budgeting process. “We had to do an emergency repair first to insure the safety of the clients, and then plan and complete the rest of the project during the second phase”.  Eckert explained that the “hard part  will be to replace the money that was  diverted from our routine operations budget and make up for the budgeted shortfall”.  The expenditure provides  a measure of time to plan for the future of the building at 3404 Wisconsin Street, which was designed as a single family house and built in 1930. Both the men’s building, and the administration building next door also built in 1930, need significant maintenance each year. This has prompted the agency’s Board of Directors to plan for significant renovations to the buildings during the next campus five year plan.


The Britton-Fuller Family Center is now posting its first full annual report card. Opening in May 2016, the new center housed 95 individuals and provided 5045 bednights of shelter for those formerly homeless individuals during 2017, its first full year of operation. Since the center opened, not one family who has exited the program has re-entered another shelter according to the Homelessness Management Information System. 

Thanks to all who help support our very special facility for intact homeless families.  

Volunteers of the Year Announced

Philip Schrimpf and Bobby Baillio were honored as 2018’s Volunteers of the Year at the July Program Committee meeting.  Executive Director Bill Eckert made the announcement and will IMG_1694award our specially designed polo shirts with the BAHS Logo at the next Program Committee meeting. Philip Schrimpf is a local contractor who has devoted countless (truly countless) hours of volunteer service and materials to the shelter, maintaining our two older 1930 era buildings. Mr. Baillio has led several projects during the past year and has donated supplies and labor to upgrade our  clients’ well-used and appreciated gazebo area.  He regularly submits his ExxonMobil VIP hours which is converted into monetary donations, and then uses the money to purchase materials for the shelter.

Last year’s recipients show off the logoed polo shirts in the photo at the right.         


United Way of Greater Baytown and Chambers County  Campaign – Video by the Executive Director

Bill Eckert has developed a short video explaining the benefits of contributions to the local United Way campaign, and how these donations directly impact our agency, and our clients.  Our agency is also featured in the campaign video developed for the internal ExxonMobil campaign which begins in the Fall.    


Beaconlaw-ExxonMobil Legal Clinics Held at the Shelter Offices

After months of planning, BAHS hosted a legal team consisting of attorneys and paralegals from Beaconlaw and ExxonMobil offices in Baytown. Eleven clients met with attorneys in September 2015, and nine more in November,  to discuss various legal issues that had become barriers to gaining employment or housing. The concept is for the ExxonMobil legal staff to meet with the clients initially, with Leslie Ginzel of Beaconlaw providing any follow up services that are needed. These legal clinics are scheduled to be held every two months for the next year at the Britton-Fuller Family Center.

Impact Update:  BeaconLaw alone provided more than $11600 in legal services to BAHS clients during 2015

Hall’s Carpet Haus  Donates Flooring to Men’s Shelter

2018072895175150Local business and good friend of Bay Area Homeless Services, Hall’s Carpet Haus,  has donated new kitchen flooring for the men’s shelter building. On a recent visit it was noted that the vinyl flooring was in need of replacement. The problem was worsened by the recent foundation repair and floor leveling which caused the kitchen floor to move, loosening the vinyl flooring. Mark and Nancy Hall, longtime supporters of the shelter, donated a new flooring product which has a reputation for being long-lasting, durable and easy to maintain. With the help of a cadre of volunteers the old flooring was removed and new flooring installed in one weekend.  It looks Fabulous!!     



BAHS Adds to Staff with Roving Intern

 BAHS is pleased to add Bear E. Rover to our marketing staff as an unpaid intern. Recently relocated to the Baytown area, Bear E. will initially concentrate on strengthening his marketing skills by observing operations at the BAHS shelter marketing-intern-computerbuildings, and visiting the offices of our corporate donors and sponsors. Here, he is posing for his official ID card after finishing his computer skills test (which he bear-ly passed). If you see our intern at a local business, please drop us a line at  You never know where he will turn up, and seeing him could be an enriching experience. Bear E. Rover update —  Bear E. Spent two weeks  with the staff at Woodforest Bank on Garth Road. He managed to enlist their aid in collecting eight large bags full of donated items for our sheltered clients. He was last seen at the Liberty-Dayton Chamber of Commerce Business Expo greeting visitors to the BAHS booth.    

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