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Steve and Bill at Seal Pac’s offices

Steve and Bill at Seal Pac’s offices

This Spotlight now shines brightly on local businessman and civic leader Steve Daniele

Conversation with Steve Daniele of Seal Pac Professional Services, Inc. (Seal-Pac)

Bill and Steve met at Seal-Pac’s office on Bayway Drive on August 29th.

Bill – I know that Seal-Pac is an international business, selling your sealing products worldwide, and providing related services from your location here in Baytown. You could have chosen any number of communities to operate from, but you chose to locate in West Baytown. Why? and would you encourage other businesses to consider relocating or investing in the West Baytown area? If so, how would that benefit both them and the area?

Steve – We have always been in West Baytown since we moved into the area. We originally had two locations, one on West Baker and one here on Bayway Drive. Once our lease expired, and the owners sold the West Baker building, we made a conscious decision to remain in this area, at the Bayway location. This has worked out very well for us. We provide special products and services for the petrochemical industry, and provide a unique “one stop shop” for their needs. While we are essentially an international corporation, we have maintained our roots here in West Baytown. I encourage companies, especially in the petrochem or services industries, to follow us here.

Bill – Why is West Baytown so important to you?

Steve – For a number of reasons. We are extremely community oriented and are proud to support our local schools, from elementary through to Lee College. These schools educate students who may eventually work with us. Also, we have a very innovative flex-time program for hiring parents who may have children in these schools. We are close, and very convenient. This is a win-win proposition for us as a business and the parents.

Bill – BAHS has been in West Baytown since 1982. What motivates you to support our community oriented agency?

Steve – I know that you folks are very outcome oriented, and that’s important. It’s more than helping for just the one day, or that time of need. Clients are helped to prepare for the situations that lie ahead. And through the years you seem to be well-managed from the Board level down to the staff.

Bill – I know that you are enthusiastic participant at our annual fundraiser, The Mane Event. Why do you enjoy that event so much?

Steve – The event is always well run and focuses on the positive events of the year. I really enjoy the client speakers because they speak about overcoming their difficulties and moving to success with the staff’s help. Also, it is fun to attend because of the annual Roast of a community leader. And this year’s event will be even more exciting with soon-to-be former mayor, Steven DonCarlos being the “victim” or Roastee. I encourage everyone to attend this year’s Mane Event. This is great fun for a good cause.

Bill – Thank you so much for your time today and dedication to our local community. Continued success for Seal-Pac.