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Mane Event Switches Venue

  • Mane Event Switches Venue

    sylvan-signIn response to popular demand, the 2017 Mane Event will be held March 2nd at Sylvan Beach Pavillion. Each year, Bay Area Homeless Services conducts an annual assessment of its Mane Event. It has been evident from our supporters’ comments for the past two years that we needed to move to a location that could accomodate a larger number of supporters. The move to Sylvan Beach Pavillion will allow for more seating, more “mingling” room, and a larger space for the Silent Auction. Our goal is to always meet the needs of our supporters.

    BREAKING NEWS….. Donations are now being accepted for the Silent Auction portion of the Mane Event at Sylvan Beach Pavillion! New items are now being donated by generous community members. To donate an item, please contact Judy Osgood at actbahs@gmail.com or respond via this web page.

    Stayed tuned for more details to come soon!

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